Monday, November 7, 2016


The Green Cave aka Killer Green Cave
TOPO SECRET ~private~ Mayacamas Mountains, Sonoma County, CA.

* = below average / ***** = world classic - left to right:

1 White Widow V5*** scary far left steep roof with sketchy cliff edge landing zone CB
2 Green Heart V3*** scary jug line over tree with sketchy cliff edge landing zone CS
3 Green Traverse V5**** high into #8+#18, V6*** low into #8+#18, V7**** low into #11+#18 CS
4 Killer Green Traverse V7** #1 then high into #8+#18, V7/8** #1 then low into #8+#18,                 or 5.13/V8*** #1 then low into #11+#18 for the full length 100ft mega enduro link up! CS
or mega project ~~ V9/10/11? start #3 into #12 project!?
or V10/11/12? start #4 into #12 project!!??
5 Bobzien Machine V6*** sit start between #2 and #6 and go direct up steep roof RB
6 Green Machine V4*** low sit up into knee bar hole up left to #2 or Green Machine Direct V3*** up right to low pocket or Green Monster V4** stand start up to hueco or V5*** sit to hueco CS
7 Nicks Problem V3** dirty green jug line NL
8 Green Cave Direct V3*** stand start horns in center cave up right to big hueco CS
9 Verms Variation V4*** stand start mini hueco/#11 up left to big hueco V5*** sit JS
10 The Funk V4*** stand start mini hueco/#11 direct up left to big hueco V5*** sit CS
11 KGB V4**** stand or V5**** sit - original classic - up steep face on right side of cave from mini hueco past pocket to big horns drop off or traverse right into #18 to add a grade. JC?/CS
12 Kevins Problem V7*** low sit KJ or project V8/9? sit #11 into #12!?
13 Seans Problem V3*** sit SB
14 Seans Problem Direct V5** sit right variation SB
15 Mean Green Traverse V7** sit #12 traverse left low into #2 CS
16 Charlies Traverse V7** #15 into #1? CB
17 Nectar Traverse V5*** sit #11 traverse left high into #2 or V6** sit #12 CS
18 Upper Traverse V3*** full stand - high V4** low - into #21 CS
19 Warm Upper Traverse V2/3*** mid sit - high V3/4** low - into #21 CS
20 Green Velvet V2/3/4** stand/sit start above #19 CS
21 The Warm Upper V0/1*** stand jugs up right walk off or traverse jugs low V2/3** JC/CS?
22 Hair Tie V4/5*** sit steep face up into #21 CS
23 Hair Tie Traverse V5** sit #22 then traverse jugs low right CS
24 Simple Green Direct? V1/2/3** separate face on far right CS
25 Simple Green? V2/3/4** separate face on far right KA