Friday, March 12, 2010

"Synchronicity" 5.11 Lead FA! Far Side MSH

I and others may have top roped this little thing a long time ago (it's hard to remember everything from 15-20 years ago). After not being at The Far Side for many years I recently went up to do some re-bolting (fixing old anchors). After we were done I scouted around for something new and exciting and this possible new route or maybe old top rope route looked like as good a lead climb as most of the other old classics up there. I had some power left in the drill that day so here it is - one of the toughest, albeit shortest climbs at The Far Side, the bouldery, pockety, fun "Synchronicity" 5.11!
(Direct/hard finish up right is 5.11+)

and don't miss the "Synchro Crack"? 5.8/9ish? TR crack to the left of Synchronicity is a lot of fun as well and has probably been top roped and might have even been led long ago or it needs to soon!?

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