Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cobblestone

The Cobblestone

1 The Cobblestone VB/0 (easy way up/down). FA=DS

2 Cobblestone Direct aka Cobblestone Classic V1/2 stand or V2/3 sit start. FA=DS

3 Cobblestone Mantle V1/2 stand start. FA=DS

4 Cobblestone Mantle - Sit V2/3 sit start. FA=DS

5 Cobblestone Mantle - Low Sit V3 low right sit start matched on layback. FA=DS/CS

6 Cobblestone Mantle - Direct V2 (or V3 sit or V3/4 low sit). FA=DS

7 Cobble Wobble Traverse V6/7 sit start (sit #2 then traverse right into #8). FA=CS

8 Cobble Wobble V5 stand start sloper prow FA=CS - or V6 sit. FA=CS?

9 Cobblestone Slab V0 stand V1 sit start. FA=DS

10 Cobblestone Traverse V6 from #9 left into #3 or V6/7 into #1 or V7 do a complete 360!? {usually done clockwise/from right to left} FA=RT

11 start #1 traverse right into #7 (V7!?)

12 start #1 traverse far right into #9 direct (V7/8!?)

Finishing the Cobble Wobble Traverse V6/7FA
Photo: Wedge

Cobblestone Bouldering - YOUTUBE

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