Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clark Canyon Bouldering

The trailhead and the Parking Lot Boulder

"Summit Fever" V8 FA!

"Bump n Grind" V9? FA!


Parking Lot Boulder (a short bushwhack off the left of the crag trail)

*backside - left to right:
1 "Kurt's Problem" V6 stand V7 sit - mega classic rails to seam!
FA = Kurt Smith / 2nd ascent = Wilbur Nazarian - sit - FA = ??

2 "Summit Fever" V8 sit start right hand small pocket and left hand edge and boulder up left into #1 - or V7 stand start in sinker right hand two finger pocket. FA = Chris Summit

3 !? sit start right of #2 on same pocket but with left hand and angle up left into #2!?

4 !? do same sit as #3 then angle up right into or around #5!?

5 right hand arete!? or left hand arete/high slab face!?

*frontside(s) - left to right:
6 left arete(s)!?
7 center face!?
8 right side center face!?
9 right side traverse?
10 right side arete(s)!?

Parking Lot Boulders (around Parking Lot area)
11 face?
12 arete?
13 traverse?
14 !?
15 arete/face!?

Trailside Boulder (along the main trail about halfway to the crags)
*frontside - left to right:
16 "Trailside Slab" V3/4 the start is the crux!
FA = ??

17 "Bump n Grind" V9? sit start pocket under left hand sloper arete bulge - or V8? stand start bulge.
FA = Chris Summit (unrepeated!?)

18 "Bahl Hornin" V4 sit start or V2 direct left stand start or V1 right stand start on jug lip same as #19 but pull over and top out.
FA = Richie Esquibel

19 "Bahlers Traverse" V5 sit start #18 then traverse right along the lip into #20 or V2 from stand start on the jug lip into #20.
FA = Chris Summit

20 VB short up/down-climb on far uphill right side.

Clark Canyon Bouldering - YOUTUBE

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