Friday, October 29, 2010

Cliff is in the House!

Cliff House Boulders!!

Seal Rocks Sunset

Benny Kong repeats Redonkulous (V3) on the north
side of the Cliff House at the Sutro Boulders

Benny warming up on the high, classic
(V0) warm up crack

Benny on his classic Flesh Wound
(V5 fa!?)

Benny on Flesh Wound crux

Aron Quiter does the center (V0) high

Aron on Fingerbanged (V3 start)

Ari Oppenheimer does Archeology (V0)

Ari on Fingerbanged

Ari does Shipwreck (V2 fa!? direct variation)

Finger Wound aka Like A V6 (fa!?)

Bellyacher / Wounded Knee Traverse

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