Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Finger Wound Sit" (V6 FA!?)

"Finger Wound Sit" aka "Like A V6" (V6) FA!(?) Link-up of the hard right sit start to the classic "Fingerbanged" up left into the start of the excellent "Flesh Wound"stand start - - "Finger Wound" lives up to its name, it gave me a numb left pointer finger tip and a small flapper on the left middle finger.

At the (newly developed!) Cliff House Boulders, Ocean Beach (north end),
San Francisco CA 10-20-10 :)

Thanks to Benny for discovering/rediscovering these sweet rocks!


"Finger Wound Sit" aka "Like A V6" (V6 FA!?) Cliff House Boulders - YOUTUBE

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  1. this is sweet! New area to me! that ocean stone is sharp, huh.