Sunday, May 8, 2011

More radical new/old topo secret/priv prop Sonoma County Bouldering!

The Mecca

Mecca Cave


Gully Rock

Stoned Warrior V6 sit FA! Warrior Rock
Photo: Richard Newton

Travis Lombardo works the Rock Warrior Project
Warrior Rock

Eric "Wedge" Owen - Cricket Arete V3 sit
Cricket Rock

P F Traverse V6 FA! P F Rock
Photo: Sean Brady

Sean Brady - P F Traverse
P F Rock

Sean Brady - Rattlesnake Rock Traverse V3/4/5!?
Rattlesnake Rock

*A mix of possibly legit, quick hit, roadside attractions :) and top secret/priv prop rocks with NO ACCESS :( / :)


First Falls
1-20 = VB-V4/5!?

21-100 = VB-V11!?

Lower Creek Boulders?
101-125 = V!??

Upper Creek Boulders?
126-150 = V!??

Hillside Rock?
151-155 = 5.!?-V!?

Warrior Boulders (Warrior Rock)
156 Pull Out Crack V0
157 Bumper Arete V1 stand V3 sit
158 Pick Your Poison Wall (backside of Warrior Rock)
159 Poison Arete Vo stand V1 sit - right arete
160 Poison Traverse V3 sit start #159 traverse left into #162
161 Poison Face V0 stand V1 sit - center face
162 Wired V1/2 stand V2/3 low start
163 Wired Traverse V3 low start #162 - traverse up right into #159
164 Wired Arete? TR?
165 Stoned Warrior Traverse V4 low
166 Warrior Syndrome V5/6 stand or Stoned Warrior V6 sit
167 Stoned Warrior Traverse V6 traverse high (into and out of Warrior Syndrome)
168 Rock Warrior Project V7/8!? R? hard highball face!!
169 tall steep face??
170 crack/corner/arete??

Creekpile Rocks
171 Creekpile Traverse V1/2 left to right step off or into V3/4 = V4/5!?
172 Creekpile V3/4 sit
173 Creekpile Crack - TR? (big rock below other side of road)
174 ??
175 ??

Rattlesnake Rock
176 Snakehead V!?
177 !??
178 Rattlesnake Traverse V3/4 (harder now since hold broke!?)
179 Rattlesnake Arete V!? TR or highball left arete
180 Rattlesnake Face V!? TR or highball center face
181 Amagaba? V3 stand V4 sit ?? TR or highball right arete
182 Rattlesnake Crack V0 TR or highball crack right of arete
183 V1? face
184 Snake Pit V3 sit or V1 stand - left side of short face on far right
185 V0 stand or V1 sit - far right side of main wall

Gully Rock?
186 ??
187 ??

The Klump
188 The Klump V1 sit left arete, V3 sit center face, V3 sit right


P F Rock
189 P F Slab VB-V0 R
190 P F Crack V0 R
191 The P F Traverse (separate starts: Slab Traverse V0 (finish), Gold Bulge V1/2, Slab Crux V2/3, P F Traverse V4/5 midway start or V6!? start to finish.
192 ??

Cricket Rock
193 Cricket Highball!? left side of main face!?
194 Cricket Corner V1/2
195 Cricket Arete V2/3 (or Jiminy Cricket Dyno V3/4/5!?)
196 Cricket Crack V0
197 Cricket Mantle (aka Attack Mantle) V2
198 Cricket Traverse V3/4 into Cricket Mantle finish or V2/3 main face
199 Cricket Crack Traverse V3 into Cricket Crack finish
200 Cricket Face - TR?

Stoned Warrior V6 sit FA! - YOUTUBE

Mecca Cave (secret) - YOUTUBE

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