Monday, April 25, 2016

The Eel River/Dos Rios Boulders

The Original/Main Dos Rios Boulders
{40+ boulder problems so far and counting ~ VB-V5/6+}
Located between the parking near the bridge on CA162/Covelo Rd on the beach on the Middle Fork of the Eel River next to the conjunction of the Middle and Main Forks of the Eel River in Dos Rios, Mendocino County CA.

I first established bouldering here ~2000. Since then many of these boulders have gotten taller due to the sand and rocks washing down river opening up many new low starts and making these fun old problems into challenging modern day classics ~~ until the river changes the landings again in the future!? :)

The Ritual Boulder {water can be under #5-14 in winter~spring}
1 VB up/downclimb.
2 El Slabbo V0/1 stand start left slab/face.
3 Negra Modelo V2/3 black polished right slab/face.
4 The Principal V3/4 white face stand or V? sit!?
5 La Blanca Arete V3/4 high white prow or V? sit!?
6 Habitual V0 high stand start/jump start off right hand pinch or V3/4 sit or V!? direct left sit!?
7 Cricket Face V3/4 low right stand start to #6.
8 start #9 up left into #6!?
9 The Ritual V3/4 diagonal up right to jug buckets.
10 direct face to jug?
11 up left to jug?
12 Pitfall Arete V5/6!? face to high right arete over rock and water pit!?
13 ?!El Jefe!?
14 mega sick cave project ~ direct or right!?
15 VB/0 slab/face right of #14 left of #1.

El Segundo Boulder
14 Knee Me V4/5 sit right knee mantle.
15 El Directo V4/5 sit right direct center.
16 El Traverso V4/5 sit right traverse left into #17.
17 El Segundo V2 low start or V0 high stand start.
18 Mini Me V0 mini sit boulder.
19 overhang left?
20 overhang center?
21 overhang right?
22 lip traverse?
23 ?
24 ?
25 Chupa Arete V3 arete low sit. {water can be under in winter~spring}
                                          #1-5 (l to r) and #14-18 (r to l)

                                          #4-12 (l to r)

                                          #6-14 (l to r)

                                          #19-22 (l to r)


The West Boulders
West Pillar
26 V0/1 sit pillar to direct top out.
27 V0 sit pillar to left top out.

West Boulder
28 Los Lobos V3/4 sit steep face to smooth mantle.
29 west side bulge?
30 ?

                                          #26-30 (r to l)

The Shady Boulders
East Pillar {water can be under #31-32 in winter~spring}
31 Morning Shade V2/3 sit to left arete or low right sit traverse V?
32 Morning Shade Arete V2/3 stand or low right sit up into right arete V?

Shady Cave
33 Sunny Lip V0/1
34 Shady Face V4/5 low sit compression.
35 Shady Cave?
36 Shady Slab?

                                                    #31-32 (l to r)

                                          #33-34 (l to r)

Trailside Sculpture Boulder
37 left?
38 left center?
39 center?
40 right?

Cricket Face

Adam - El Slabbo

Adam - Negra Modelo

Liz - El Segundo

 Los Lobos

Adam - Knee Me

The Principal

Adam - West Pillar

Liz - West Pillar
West Pillar

The Stranded Boulders
4x4 Campsite Boulders
r to l
1 big boulder right face bulge!?
2 big boulder right/center face!?
3 big boulders backside right?
4 big boulders backside center?
5 big boulders backside left?
6 overhang scoop?
7 stem scoop?
8 left hand arete?
9 V0 right hand arete. FA=CS
10 V3/4 arete start up left into center face. FA=CS
11 V2/3 stand center face. FA=CS
12 low left start?
13 left meatwrap bulge?
14 right sit bulge?
15 V2/3 left sit bulge? FA=CS

Rawsafari Boulder
1 VB/0 Rawsafari. FA=A
2 ?
3 ?
4 ?
5 ?
6 ?
7 ?
8 ?
9 ?
10 ?
11 ?
12 ?
13 ?
14 ?
15 ?

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