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Rock Climbing and Bouldering Instructor/Trainer/Coach 25+ years experience

My climbing experience:
Northern California native with ~27 years of climbing and bouldering experience. I started climbing at age 17 in 1989. There were no conveniences such as bouldering pads or local indoor rock gyms back then and there were very few established local climbing areas. From those grassroots I am proud to have discovered and established many new local roped climbing and bouldering areas. My track record includes ascents of; traditional/crack 5.11 fa (first ascent), sport 5.12 fa+flash(first try) and 5.13 fa as well as bouldering V8 fa+flash, V9 fa and V10 plus my specialty of exploring and developing new rocks in uncharted territory with over 100 roped (sport/trad/tr) first ascents and over 1000 boulder problem first ascents. Author of 7 guidebooks for Northern California climbing and bouldering. One of the first ~100 climbing gym route-setters and instructors in the USA in the early 1990's at Class 5 Fitness in San Rafael CA. Previously head route-setter at Vertex Climbing Center and Rockzilla Gym in Northern California. Currently head climbing instructor at Airport Health Club in Santa Rosa CA. I teach climbing technique classes as well as belaying and I teach/lead kids climbing camps, kids or adult ropes courses and movement/obstacle challenge courses.

Over 25 years of experience teaching and guiding friends and clients with ~1000 people from ages 3~73 that I have successfully taught climbing, bouldering, movement and overcoming fear. Some of my students have gone on to achieve world records at big wall climbing and double digit bouldering first ascents but more importantly, hopefully also a better and more fulfilled life, becoming closer to nature and closer to their own natural instincts.

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My Climbing Class Ideas:
I teach you what I know best - how to find the local rocks that inspire you, climb them, get down and then get home safe. I teach how to improve mental climbing techniques such as seeing the line of the climb, reading the moves, deciding when to use precise footwork or no footwork and sequencing hand/footholds with rests and breathing. I also teach specialized physical techniques such as heel hooks, drop knees, crack jams, mantles, friction smears and basic climbing specific strength and fitness. I only do a small amount of weight room, hang board or system board training. If the physical training is more vital for your improvement then I will help you along that path.

My main focus is on a synthesis of physical and mental progression as well as simply sharing/teaching you the skills I know so that you have them in your bag of tricks and know when to implement them. I will create a custom set of drills for you to practice alone or with partners so you can progress on your own and at your own pace. First of all I try to help you focus on what type of climbing you'd like to do paired also with what type of climbing best suits your natural skill set and instincts. Then I help you train for it, find it, and do it and then to not just survive at it, but to thrive.

I offer customized indoor or outdoor classes for every aspiring climber or boulderer from age 5 to 155 years young.

Let me help you enjoy all that climbing has to offer!


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