Monday, January 11, 2016

Top 15 NorCal Limestone Boulder Problems

In California where most of the stone is granite (and granite like monzonite) or sandstone, limestone is very unique. "Climestone" as I like to call it can be very solid and well featured to climb on and also dries very fast. Here are 15 boulder problems, some of which are in my guidebook Northern California Bouldering by SuperTopo, that I have either personally climbed or have seen and heard about and highly recommend:

UPDATE to Northern California Bouldering by SuperTopo possibly coming in ~2016/17.

Columbia - State Park & College & Labyrinth and Trinity Aretes & Wildwood
{In no particular order - problems I've solved = *}
"Triple Cracks" V6 stand V6/7 sit - mega classic FA: Chris Falkenstein - Columbia College *
"All In Due TimeV9 aka "Triple Cracks Traverse" classic FA: Mike Campana - Columbia College
"Mind Over MatterV10 highball! FA: Ben Polanco - Columbia College
"All American Finger CrackV2 stand/sit FA: Dave Yerian - Columbia College
"The Autobahn Traverse" V0 ~50ft! FA: Lance Kimball - Columbia College
"Ultimate TrogdorV8 sit ("Trogdor" V4/5 stand) FA(V8): Ben Polanco?/? - Columbia College *
"Miners BaneV7 sit V3/4 stand FA: Ben Pope - Columbia Labyrinth *
"The BehemothV5/6 highball! FA: Ben Pope - Columbia Labyrinth
"The MinotaurV5 highball! FA: Phil Bone/Ben Pope? - Columbia Labyrinth
"Aries Curse" V9 direct ("Aries" V7 all holds) FA(V9): Ben Pope/(V7)CS? - Columbia Labyrinth *
"Horse Trail ProwV3 sit V1/2 stand FA: Seth Zaharias/Granite Stanley. - Columbia Park
"Stagecoach Arete" aka "Ghostown Arete" V3 sit V0/1 stand FA: SZ/GS? - Columbia Park *
"Trinity TraverseV3 ~75ft! FA: Chris Summit - Trinity Aretes *
"Natural Bridge TraverseV5 ~75ft! FA: CS? - Wildwood *
"SasquatchV4 low stand V3 stand FA: Chris Summit - Wildwood *

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