Friday, January 15, 2016

Testpiece Boulder Problems + Projects at "The Loaf" Sugarloaf Ridge Park

The Top 25 Testpiece Boulder Problems + Projects at The Loaf as of January 2016:
{*= ok *****= world classic}

"Pipedream Sit" V8**** unrepeated? - low sit - FA: GZ (Adobe Canyon Boulder - out of park)
"Tower Of Power" V7/8*** unrepeated? - center sit into left crimp face traverse - FA: CS
"Four Ferns" V7** lowball sit sharp right crimp - FA: GZ
"Milky Way Traverse" V7*** unrepeated? - lip traverse (not climbable ~ tree fall) - FA: CS
"Piano Man" V7**** center sit into right arete slab traverse - FA: CS
"Neptune" V6/7*** left mega sloper arete - FA: RE
"Neptune Direct" V6/7**** direct/right overhang - FA: RT
"Sungazer Sit" V6**** unrepeated? - low crimpy sit into fun stand - FA: CS
"White Fang" V6*** low sit overhang - FA: CS
"White Fang Direct" low sit overhang direct - V6*** FA: RT
"All Rise" V6*** direct face sit / no right arete - FA: AC
"Dry Hump" V6** unrepeated? - low sit short steep lip mantle - FA: CS
"Trailblazer Traverse" V6** traverse low into or out of Trailblazer - FA: CS
"Solar Wind Traverse" V6*** traverse left to right into Solar Wind - FA: CS
"Booger Eater" V6*** unrepeated? - low sit up left on back of Booger Boulder - FA: CS
"The Gypsy Traverse" V6** unrepeated? - traverse lip up right from The Gypsy - FA: CS
"Hips Don't Lie Sit" V5/6**** high face - FA: GR

Sungazer Boulder East Face - center left or center right!!?? 
Sunrise Rock Direct Main Face - TR or highball!? 
Sunrise Traverse - full traverse uphill / right to left!?
Tower Of Power Direct - straight up between Tower Of Power and Piano Man!?
From Dawn to Dusk - up right side of steep overhang in lower creek above waterfall!? 
Pinball Wizard - wide double arete compression highball in upper creek!?
Black Mirror - sit to Heavens Gate!?
The Student - low sit!?

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