Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Best First Ascents - Bouldering (top 50 of ~1000+)

*=ok **=good ***=very good ****=great/area classic! *****=best/world classic!!

Slither V7***** roof to high V5 face top out -- schist - {Topo Secret}
Sabertooth V7***** overhanging arete -- sandstone - Secrets
Hellspawn V7***** compression sit into "Hell Awaits" V4**** -- basalt - Putah Creek
Dragon Moon V8***** overhanging face -- schist - {Topo Secret}
Summit Fever V8***** overhanging pocket face start to original classic -- volcanic - Clark Canyon
Sasquatch V4***** overhanging wave/scoop -- limestone - Natural Bridge
Vise Grip V4***** vertical pinch face -- sandstone - Salt Point
Chris' Ramp V8**** overhanging diagonal rail traverse -- granite - Pump Rock
Bump and Grind V9**** overhanging bulge face (unrepeated!?) -- volcanic - Clark Canyon
Stripe V6**** overhanging diagonal offset seam -- schist - {Topo Secret}
Super Abalone V8**** overhanging toe and heel hook sloper lip traverse -- schist - Super Slab
Bridge Traverse V4**** 75ft cave traverse -- limestone - Natural Bridge
Trinity Traverse V3**** 75ft diagonal uphill face traverse -- limestone - Trinity Aretes
Sendocino V3**** sit into slab classic -- greenstone - Mendo
Sendocino Arete V4**** same sit high right arete -- greenstone - Mendo
Sendocino Direct V6**** same sit high direct arete -- greenstone - Mendo
Christal Method V4**** classic high face/arete -- greenstone - Mendo
Electric Eel V4**** overhang slot pocket face -- greenstone - Mendo
Braveheart V1R**** (or 5.10** lead) highball face -- greenstone - Mendo
Can of Whoop Ass V5**** sit to classic "Bomb Ass Dookie" V4**** -- greenstone - Mendo
Brass Monkey V3**** semi high arete -- basalt - Vacaville (aka Nut Tree)
Mother Nature V3R**** highball arete -- basalt - Vacaville (aka Nut Tree)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place V6**** overhanging arete -- sandstone - Salt Point
Slapfight V8**** mega sloper left arete -- sandstone - Secrets Salt Point
Fish Lips V3**** meal classic center overhang -- sandstone - Secrets Salt Point
High Times V0R/X**** highball/solo face -- sandstone - Secrets Salt Point
The Matrix V5**** mega classic steep center line -- sandstone - Secrets Salt Point
Vortex V3R/DWS**** diagonal traverse rail over Russian River! -- chert? - Mendo
Synergy V5**** compression sit to classic V3 high face -- schist - Mendo
The Wave Traverse V4**** left to right/uphill low traverse -- sandstone - Secrets
Aqua Velva V4**** classic steep cave plumb line -- sandstone - Stoner Cave
Swinger V6**** classic steep cave direct line -- sandstone - Stoner Cave
Talon V6**** overhanging face -- volcanic - Mt Lassen
Bloody Talon V7*** overhanging face direct -- volcanic - Mt Lassen
Supercat V7*** overhanging face -- limestone - Natural Bridge
Nutcracker V2*** overhanging crack -- basalt - Vacaville (aka Nut Tree)
The Specialist V5*** overhang -- schist - Goat Rock
Trailblazer Arete V3*** trailside arete -- volcanic - Sugarloaf Ridge
Resolution Arete V3*** highball arete -- volcanic - Sugarloaf Ridge
Fat Man Traverse V4*** face traverse -- granite - Tahoe
Killer Green Traverse V8*** cave traverse -- volcanic - {Topo Secret}
Living La Vida Smoka V9*** link up traverse -- sandstone - Fort Ross
The Stoner Traverse V6*** left to right/uphill steep pocket traverse -- sandstone - Stoner Cave
Cherry Bomb V4*** sit into fun V3 stand start -- sandstone - Secrets Salt Point
Fuck Traverse V6*** traverse into the highball classic V4R! -- schist - Mendo
Slapstick V9*** mega sloper left arete link into V5 top out -- sandstone - Secrets Salt Point
Renegades of Funk V9** link up traverse -- schist - Super Slab
Great White Traverse V8** sit diagonal crack traverse to V0 crack -- greenstone - Mickeys Beach
Hammerhead Traverse V7** jug rail to direct crux into V0 crack -- greenstone - Mickeys Beach
Orange Cave V9* - V7*** cave to detached rock to V0* crack link up -- sandstone - Secrets


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  1. Where are the following located at Nat. Bridge?
    Sasquatch V4
    Bridge Traverse V4
    Supercat V7

    And for the Trinity Aretes
    Trinity Traverse V3

    I live in Hayfork and I think I found the Bridge Traverse yesterday but how do I find the other ones?