Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Middle Ravine Boulders - Mt Tam 2016

In Rattlesnake Creek just downhill (about 2-3min) from the parking on the roadside next to the Ravine Boulder (Wicked/Bonum Vitae) and the parking for The Intuition Boulders. About 1/3 of the way downhill from the parking areas to the Lower Ravine Boulders on a shady yet semi exposed hillside/ridgeline. About 12-15 fun moderate lowballs VB-V6~!

1 V5? original short steep right side bulge sit on low right hand flat edge and low left hand side-pull.
2 V6? same short steep bulge sit as #1 then traverse left into #4 ~ pumpy sloper lowball classic! FA=CS
3 V5/6? start on left on side by side slot jugs traverse right into #1 - or V? add #4 pocket sit start!?
4 V2/3 stand left face - or V? sit left hand pocket and low right hand on same start hold as #1+2!?
5 ?

6 V2/3? sit start arete up into left slab face - or VB stand start slab face. FA=??
7 "Rock N Roll Arete" V3/4? sit start same as #6 up right into top of #9. FA=CS
8 V3/4? sit start same as #9 up left into #6. FA=CS?
9 "Rollie Pollie Ollie" V3/4? sit start with low right hand side-pull and left hand on lip slot and go up right side face. FA=CS
10 ?

11 V0/1 face/arete. FA=??
12 ?

Main Bootjack Parking Lot
13 "Acetylcholine" V2? face above trail above northeast end of Bootjack Parking Lot. FA=LVW
14 "Elfquest" V3? sit start overhang or V1 stand start next to bridge ~10min up Matt Lewis Trail from Bootjack Parking Lot or ~10min on deer trails up Rattlesnake Creek from Ravine. FA=CS
15 ?

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