Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My TOP 15 unrepeated or rarely repeated first ascents ~ C'mon! !

With hopes for these climbs that I found and/or did first to get their first repeat and confirm the grade and/or just to be shared and appreciated more since they were either forgotten or are unknown. Here is a list of my unrepeated or very rarely repeated climbs or boulder problems that I did first ascent of recently or as long as ~20 years ago so they are near and dear to me:

If anyone repeats one of my unrepeated first ascents on this list I will buy you a pint of beer or a taco, maybe even a supertaco and I will love you and be your f'n bff!  :)

*****=world classic imo~

"Bump n Grind" V9****!? Unrepeated!?
Clark Canyon, Mammoth/Eastside

"Summit Fever" V8*****? Unrepeated!?
Clark Canyon, Mammoth/Eastside

"Stony Traverse" V7/8***? Unrepeated!?
Salt Point

"Tower of Power" V7/8***? Unrepeated!?
Sugarloaf Ridge

"Black Butte Direct Arete" V6/7*****? Unrepeated!?
Black Butte Beach Boulder, Mendocino

"Schoolhouse Rock" 5.12b/c***? Unrepeated!?
Schoolhouse Rock

"The Bird Is The Werd" 5.12b/c**? Unrepeated!?
Schoolhouse Rock

"Dark Christal" 5.12b/c*** TR? ~ V5/6R/X highball!? Unrepeated!?
Eel River/Mendocino

"Liquid Fire" 5.12a***? ~ maybe 1-3 ascents as of 2016.?
Main Fork/Deadman's Rocks, Mendocino

"Slapstick" V8/9****? ~ maybe 1-3 ascents as of 2016.?
Salt Point

"Bridge Over Troubled Water" 5.12d/.13a****!? ~ maybe 1-3 ascents as of 2016.?
Limestone Natural Bridge

"Pinch Hitter" 5.12b/c****? ~ maybe 1-3 ascents as of 2016.?
Limestone Natural Bridge

"Don't Call Me Squaw" 5.12a/b***? ~ maybe 1-3 ascents as of 2016.?
Squaw/Frogwoman Rock

"Resurrection" 5.12aR***!? Unrepeated!?
Squaw/Frogwoman Rock

"April Fools Traverse" V3/4R***? ~ maybe 1-3 ascents as of 2016.?
Pinnacle Rock, Berkeley

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