Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dos Rios / Northeast Mendocino County Climbing/Bouldering

Eel River/Dos Rios/Covelo/Black Butte/M1 Climbing/Bouldering

~In order from US101 east on CA162/Covelo Rd to Dos Rios - Covelo - Black Butte - M1.
Over 150 established boulder problems and sport/trad/tr routes with potential for 500+ total!
Only new problems and classics listed - for more info check out:
 Northern California Bouldering by SuperTopo

? Boulders (~10+ boulder problems!?)

The Glass Boulders (potential for ~25+ boulder problems!?)
Wobble Wobble VB/0
Shake It Shake It V0
Bulletproof V4/5
V1/2 DWS!

The Gold Vein Boulders (~10+ boulder problems!?)
Gold Vein!?

Straddle Monkey Boulder/(Tatu Boulders?) (~10+ boulder problems!?)
Straddle Monkey V2/3
Straddle Monkey Traverse V3/4

Upper Main Fork Boulders (~15+ boulder problems!?)

The Hideout (potential for ~25+ routes and/or boulder problems!?)
Christal Method V3R stand or V4R sit
Twisted V7/8
Twister V4
Fish Out Of Water V3/4

Deadman's Rocks (potential for ~50+ routes and/or boulder problems!?)
Mainline aka Deadman's Crack 5.10
Mystic Rhythm 5.11
Liquid Fire 5.12
Electric Eel V3/4 or Direct Electric V6?
Shock Therapy V3/4?
Chuanga V4/5
Brass Funky V6/7
Bronze Arete V2/3
Bronze Face V4/5
Mainline Traverse V6
Miniline V4
V3/4 stand or V5/6 mid stand or V6/7 low sit arete?
V2/3 mini sit?
V5/6 cave traverse?

Dos Rios Boulders (potential for ~25+ boulder problems!?)
Negra Modelo V2/3
The Principal V4 mid stand or V? low stand!?
Cricket Face V0/1 stand or V3/4 sit
The Ritual V3/4 stand
Pitfall Arete V!?
Mud Butt Crack V4/5
Stranded Boulders
Stranded V4
Stranded Arete V0
RawSafari V0R/W
Riverdance V3/4
One Tree V3/4
Scratchy Bush V4/5

Swallow Rock (potential for ~100+ routes and/or boulder problems!?)
Green Slab 5.9 3 bolts
Black Slab 5.11 7 bolts
Hard to Swallow 5.12 7 bolts
Covelocos Corner 5.10 trad
Bomb Ass Dookie V4 (harder since boulder tipped steeper in landslide!?)
Can of Whoop Ass V5 (harder since boulder tipped steeper in landslide!?)
Bomb Ass Traverse V6 (harder since boulder tipped steeper in landslide!?)
Bomb Ass Arete V2/3 (harder since boulder tipped steeper in landslide!?)
Tricks Are For Kids V5/6 stand or V8/9 sit
Skyhook V5 and Skyhawk V6
Firestarter V4
Firestarter Traverse V5
Jaded V4 - or V8 low
Gnar Gnar V7 sit or Gnar V3 stand
Shaded Traverse V6
Made in the Shade V5
Christal Gaston V4
V!? arete project

Goforth Creek Boulders (~10+ boulder problems!?)
Gopher Arete V3/4
Goforth Crack VB/0
Goforth Arete V5/6 sit or V1/2 stand
Goforth Face aka Flat World Project V6/7/8!?

Poonkinney Crag (potential for ~10+ routes and boulder problems!?)

Black Butte Bridge Beach Boulders (potential for ~25+ boulder problems!?)
Sendocino Arete V5
Sendocino Arete Direct V7
Sendocino V3/4
Sendocino Slab V0/1

The Falls (potential for ~100+ boulder problems!?)
Slick Willy Traverse V3/4
Vagabond V4/5
Vixen V5
Vampire V4
Run and Jump V3/4
V4/5 swimming hole boulder
V2/3 swimming hole boulder

M1 Area (potential for ~100+ routes and/or boulder problems!?)
M16 V4
Yellowbelly V5

Indian Dick (potential for ~20+ boulder problems!?)

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